Note to Self, On Time Management

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Dear Joanna,

This year, you gained 8 pounds.

You skipped the gym more than you went.

You sat at your desk (or a desk in a hotel) almost every single day of the year. At least 360 days of it. And when you were at a desk, you were there for eight or ten – sometimes 14 – hours at a time. Even on Sundays. Even though you promised Dave you’d take Sundays off.

Your almost-mother-in-law said you looked tired every time she saw you.

You cancelled your vacation to Hawaii. “Too busy.”

You cancelled a book contract because you didn’t have time to write the third book. (And writing is the thing you love most. ‘Member how you wanted to be a published novelist when you grew up? Yeah, you became one. Then you cancelled the contract. I don’t care if it wasn’t the kind of book you wanted to write anyway! That’s not the point here. So not the point. You know it’s not the point.)

You vividly remember the ONE Sunday this year you sat in the backyard and read a book.

You published a tiny selection of posts.

You barely finished this post on time.

You’re dreading planning the Italy trip for this summer because, seriously, how are you s’posed to make that work?

Few would disagree: you have become absolute shit at managing your time.

You can’t go on this way. So we’re gonna make 2017 a dramatic improvement on 2016 re: scheduling and, y’know, living.

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