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Nothing More Responsible Than ‘Responsibility’ In Success

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No element in one’s life – personal, public, social or professional is more critical for success than Responsibility.

Ones responsibility for things depends on his/ her sense of agency: our perceived ability to influence events and channelise them towards the achievement of our goals.

The concept of responsibility involves doing things we believe we are obligated to do and self-embracing the ultimate consequences of actions – good or bad.

The piece that most leaders often miss out on (in my experience) is self realisation of Responsibility .. people just do not recognise a task or challenge as being their responsibility unless someone shouts, calls out , nudges or pushes hard on non-performance. Thereafter , when adversity visits and disaster strikes, the blame game continues and accountability takes flight.

When rain-drops take collective accountability for floods that is called real responsibility.

When in moments of anger & frustration one counters and redirects his/her focus from angry responses to mature role responsibility in the context , the person assumes responsibility for the results instead of defending one’s failures. Such a person is thus bound to succeed.

I came across this wonderful video on Responsibilty a few months ago. I think it is my responsibility to share it with you all in the interest of creating better people, better professionals and better citizens in our Society.

With great Power comes great responsibilities … says Spiderman. Unfortunately people are too happy to assume power. It is only when they assume responsibilities as well for outcomes commensurate with their Powers that they become really Great.

Enjoy watching this video and share it extensively…

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