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Nothing Surprises Me. I Work in HR

Source | LinkedIn : By Aparna Reddy S

In the vast kingdom of corporate, there is always a myth that, HR professionals are the odd one out. While rest of the employees break their heads and work for targets, HRs conducts fun Fridays! How atrocious isn’t it?

Let me tell you, this is how we are projected, but we are more than what you are thinking. Let me take you through the life of HRs and enlighten your meme-thoughts with reality.

In a family, a house wife is the unsung hero. she wakes up thinking about her children, prepares their lunch and breakfast, neatly packed in Tupperware boxes, dresses them up, send them to school and her work doesn’t stop there. Next, she will have to make her “grown up child” ready to the office. Which even includes finding their ID cards and keys and keeping them before their eyesight, so that they don’t miss it out. She does grocery shopping, cleans the house, do some preparations for the dinner. And by evening, after a long tiring day, she sits back and switches on TV. So, that is when everyone comes home back and notices her. Her son says, “amma, you are free only right? Help me in this homework”. She does. Her daughter demands “amma, you are free right? Why don’t you try this new dish you saw on TV the other day?”. She does that too. Finally, when a guest arrives, her husband introduces her as, “she is my wife, she does nothing, she stays home”.

So, this is what exactly happens in the everyday functioning of HR. We hunt you among 100s, welcome you into the firm, makes all arrangements for you to spend the rest of your time here, and our work goes on in doing panchayaths for cat fights. At the end of the day, you mock at us saying, “HRs sleeps at cabin”?

So, let’s see the similarities between HR and the house wives.

“HR’s work is the easiest and stress-free” Vs “Mom, you just do cooking and cleaning the house, big deal”

Oh yeah? Have you done recruitment before? You know how it feels to pool in 1000 candidates a month? We schedule for 1000, 600 turns up, 200 gets through the interview, and only 100 takes up the offer. Will you still find motivation in such job? Well, we do. Try making proper round rotis, before you comment about them both.

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