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Now job roles are being decomposed into component skills and tasks: Michael Bazigos, Accenture Strategy

Source | :  By Varuni Khosla

Organisations need to be more agile in managing a rapidly changing workforce, Michael Bazigos, managing director and global leader for talent and organisational analytics at Accenture Strategy told ET in an interview. Edited excerpts:

How does the future of work look?
An important demographic trend to keep track of is that many economies are at a point where more people are leaving the workforce than they are entering and these can play a big factor in what the future of work looks like. We see that the new workforce or Gen Z — which has graduated recently — is unlikely to work in large organisations. A survey we did showed that only one in six Gen Z graduates wanted to work in a large organisation. Additionally, technology is moving fast, and every month there seems to be a significant breakthrough in better, cheaper, faster technology. Clients are asking us what their workforce should look like and how they can keep the younger talent excited and retained in their jobs.

What should companies do to keep these employees engaged?
Employees or candidates for jobs are now young and restless. If they are not getting the right amount of development, or feel they aren’t being used to their maximum potential, they are likely to leave a job, sometimes for a more attractive salary.

As a result, job roles are being decomposed into component skills and tasks. There is a move from over-reliance on classical full-time workforce and job roles where one employee equals one job role. Organisations are now taking different tasks internally and crowdsourcing these via internal project boards. People in the company can pick different tasks that they are passionate about. It is this decomposition of jobs that is leading to very skill-specific roles.

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