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Nurses from overseas face discrimination and lack support | Ashleigh Webber

Newly-registered nurses and midwives who were educated overseas face racism and discrimination that they had not anticipated prior to arriving in the UK, according to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

The regulator’s first annual Spotlight on nursing and midwifery report finds that many newly-registered nurses and midwives experienced abuse and discrimination from members of the public as well as colleagues, with some suggesting that fellow professionals undermine their authority and undervalue their skills and experience.

Those who were educated outside of the UK said they experienced explicitly racist and derogatory comments, gossiping and being talked about behind their backs, and not feeling able to trust their colleagues to be supportive or keep matters they raised confidential.

Some described crying at the end of shifts, losing weight, and being resigned to “that just being how things are here”.

Andrea Sutcliffe, NMC chief executive said: “There are more than 788,000 professionals on our register, whose knowledge and skill are vital to all our health and wellbeing.

“But on the rare occasions that care goes wrong, it’s often down to common factors getting in the way of the safe, effective and kind care people have a right to receive.

“We’re shining a light on those factors, including further evidence of racism and discrimination. We’ve spoken to some international recruits who have shared troubling stories about their formative months in UK…

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