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Nurturing The Learning Quotient Within Next-Gen Organizations

Source | LinkedIn | Srikanth Karra | CHRO at Mphasis

A gigantic elephant tied to a small stump of wood may be a visual that leaves one wondering about the elephant’s capability to break free. As an oft-told story teaches us, elephants, which can bring down trees and walls, never break free from a rope tied between their leg and a small stump. It is believed that as young calves, these elephants would have tried and failed to break free from the stump. As a result, their minds get conditioned to the fact that they are tied to the stump. This conditioning stays with the animal even after it grows into a powerful, five-thousand-kilo giant. This is a perfect example that is relevant to those of us in the workforce today.

As humans, we are often limited by our minds. Professionals may cling to the skills they acquired during their college careers and forget that growth must continue within their field of work. It is not rare to see employees be asked to resign or forced to retire early due to their inability to adapt to changes in the market, customer behavior and technologies. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that in 2018, layoffs and discharges reached nearly 1.7 million.

Today, successful leaders must manage to stay relevant throughout their careers and drive the creation of futuristic organizations. As Jeff Bezos said, “Take inventory of what you’re good at and extend out from your skills. Or determine what your customers need and work backward, even if it requires learning new skills.” Learning should be universal and continuous, and it levels the playing field for employees across all hierarchies and roles. And when an entire workforce learns, the organization learns.

Decoding Learnability Within Next-Gen Organizations

Disrupt or die — that is the mantra by which many corporations operate today. Disruption entails innovation, continuous experimentation and rapid agility. These can only be achieved by an organization whose workforce is continuously learning and reskilling to embrace new technologies, best practices and paradigms.

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