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Of Learning from the everyday leader…..

By | Nathan SV | Partner and Chief Talent Officer at Deloitte India

I have often found it wonderful to learn from inspiring leaders. They have so much to give and so much to share about their experiences. I would make notes of the small and big things that they did. Often times felt completely overwhelmed in their presence. I would feel that I should be someone of substance and someone who emulated such big leaders. Even the newspapers would bring to the fore leaders who were spirited and had so much to offer. Till I met someone who was a leader I could relate to and one who was an everyday leader.

She was not a charismatic person. Far from it. A woman who had some medical issues that got her weight way off on to where she should be. Not someone who you would feel was one you could learn from. But she smiled a lot. Ever cheerful and brought smiles to others. I was often intrigued, from whence this source of her happiness. We met up in my office and chatted a bit. She was paid a modest salary. She spent almost a third of it on her child who was at a school nearby. I was curious to know as to how she managed her money.

Clearly she had a purpose – give the best of education to her child, make sure she did well at her school and support her as a parent and have her be happy. Something all of us would do. What was different was her fervor, and a vision. She was ever smiling despite her life’s challenges. And laughed a lot. She had passion in all she did. Diligent and caring. Was very client centric and juggled several things at once even under severe pressure. Even on weekends she kept a watch on things. Her ace was communication – keeping her clients informed and on top of things. Several managers would rush up to her and seek her help. One day I invited her to write something on my whiteboard and she wrote an inspiring positive quote.

I would wait each day for her to write a few lines on my white board. She would always leave something on my whiteboard for me to ponder. She was a quintessential giver. Perhaps the secret to her smiles. She is an inspiring leader. At work she is called an Executive Assistant, a Secretary. I call her a leader at work, and beyond. So much to learn from her. Benny is an inspiring leader, she is.

Republished with permission and originally published at Nathan SV’s LinkedIn

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