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Oh Boy what a Mess!

By | Krish Hanumanthu | Helping HR heads improve employee engagement & retention by providing valuable insights across the various stages of the employee lifecycle

We are bang in the middle of some extremely difficult times. Unfortunately this is impacting both our personal & professional lives. When we look back, we cant but feel that we were suitably warned and that we chose to ignore the warnings is the reason we are here, I’m not getting into whose fault it is but yup this is a collective and a colossal failure.

While everyone, everywhere is trying to help, the truth remains that we are in a state of chaos and Companies are struggling.

Starting today we are launching a series to bring in a sense of how companies can help their Leaders and Managers (across all levels) become more compassionate and empathetic towards their staff members.

The WFH movement during the pandemic’s 1st wave was managed well. However, during the second wave, the virus has struck with a ferocity and agility that has taken many countries by storm. Double and triple mutations have occurred and the healthcare infrastructure has been overwhelmed in the face of this massive increase. The ‘new normal’ is here – and it looks very different from what everyone thought it would look like.

While the health impact of the pandemic is known to almost everyone, what is less known are the insidious and creeping sense of foreboding that the pandemic has created in the minds of professionals. 

During our discussions with CXOs of many of India’s largest brands, we have come away with a profound realisation that while people continue to work from home, the ground beneath everyone’s feet have shifted – perhaps never to return to its original state. People no longer consider working from home during this wave a ‘business as usual’ scenario. Things have changed. The kaleidoscope has ‘shifted’ and the pieces have been rearranged.

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