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Source | LinkedIn : By Ritesh Chudasama

If you are a recruiter you’ll know that most of us get here involuntarily.

It’s never anyone’s childhood wish, it just sort of happens when somebody, somewhere sells you the dream.

I never had heard any of the kids imagining “when I grow up, I want to be a recruiter”, basically because it was an unnoticed profession and no one understood how important the recruitment process was critical for any organizations.

My passion of recruitment begun at the tender age of just 19 when I started working part-time with one of the staffing agencies during my summer vacation.

I decided to become a recruiter because it gives you the prospect to work within a very social atmosphere, building relationships with clients, colleagues and candidates. Also, you are involved in one of the most important decisions in people’s lives, making a great influence on their careers and the future success of companies.

Recruitment is a people business

The opportunity of networking with people and working in a Global environment took me to my current position!!!

My first impression when I started recruiting was that recruitment must be easy, everyone wants a job, Right? This is the case, but there is lot more involved in recruiting. It is an exhaustive process to source a candidate that has the right skillset, the capability and the mind set to move and who will be the right fit for client. Of course there is no 2nd place in recruitment.

If you don’t find the right person for the role someone else will!

My role is to recognize Client and Candidate concerns and deliver effective solutions. Doing a multidimensional role, communicating with both Clients and Candidates allows me to understand the frustrations, desires and motivations from both sides, giving me the capability to ensure long lasting partnerships are established.

Recruitment can be maddening at times as you are dealing with the most complex thing in the universe: Humans. Yes, you heard me correct!!!

However, despite of its difficulties, recruitment is an excitement, full of incentives and a great atmosphere, which is why I love my job!

The major difference in being a recruiter and a great recruiter is your character and how advanced you get with recruitment methods. I never stop reading and learning on trends, which makes me understand why my role is vibrant to my clients and employers.

The thrill of sourcing the right candidate and closing the deal never gets old and always leaves me determined for even better accomplishments.

I truly believe that as recruiters, we have a duty to work as an advocates of our industry. It’s a job that rewards you based on how much you put in, which means the moneymaking potential is there for the taking.

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