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One CEO’S Secret To Checking Email Just Once a Day


Imagine a world where you only check your email once a day. Sounds pretty great, huh? Unfortunately being that out of reach would have most employees fired on day one, but for Kate Unsworth, CEO of London tech company VINAYA, a rarely checked inbox is her reality.

In a recent interview, Unsworth said she reduced her email traffic by 70% last month by turning on a 24/7 out-of-office note and only checking in occasionally. Why so distant? She, like so many of us, previously had a job that required her to read emails from the moment she woke up to the instant she fell asleep at night. After a quarter-life crisis, she got permission from her boss to only check her email twice each day and stay completely offline before and after hours. Yes, a miracle of sorts. And after seeing a huge improvement in her well-being and quality of work, she took it a step further after founding her own company that focuses on improving digital habits through technology.

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