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One in three Indian companies have decided to freeze salaries, a new report shows

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With businesses and economic activity almost halted for over a month now amid the coronavirus crisis and the nationwide lockdown, around 36 per cent companies in India are considering a freeze in salary hikes to manage their costs, according to a report by Korn Ferry.

In India, the most commonly implemented measures for rewards and benefits are promotion and salary hike. 

The report said that 23 per cent organisations have suspended the promotion increases and 18 per cent organizations deferring ordelaying salary increases.

The Korn Ferry report said: “36 per cent of organizations have implemented or are considering implementing a salary freeze to manage costs.”

In pics: Industries that are recession-proof (Slideshow by GoBankingRates)

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The report by the global organisational consulting firm noted that given the government’s extensive requests on avoiding laying-off employees, majority of the companies, around 84 per cent have not implemented or are not currently considering permanent staff layoff or redundancies.

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