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One size fits all”​ Performance Management just won’t work anymore

Source |  Linkedin| By|Norman Murray

Throw into the mix the fact that executives who have become used to highly tailored products and services are demanding ‘club class’ treatment from HR Performace Management too. On top of this, employees – who have been brought up in a society of instant gratification, limitless choice and cloud-based access to almost everything – now expect a far more gratifying Performance Management service. They demand better engagement, relevant practices and elements of customisation. An apathetic, tired response is simply not an option.

HR must adapt or it will become irrelevant to its user base

Yet, HR Performance Management in many organisations is buckling from the sheer volume of work, pace of change and the demands to respond ever quicker. Insular, lack of flexibility & innovation, and slow responding Performance Management systems that apply ‘one size

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