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One-third of companies assess job aspirants on gut feeling

Source | The Economic Times : By Namrata Singh

MUMBAI: While data analytics has had an invincible hold on all aspects of HR, a study reveals that not many organizations measure the impact of assessment tools used to filter candidates for recruitment through data. In fact, a significant number of organizations actually measure the impact based on “gut-feel“.

According to a collaborative study by SHRM India and MeritTrac on talent assessment tools, only 45% of organizations measure the impact of assessment tools through data and a good 30% measure it based on gut-feel. The remaining 25% do not measure impact of assessments at all.

“55% of the organizations do not objectively measure the impact of the assessment tools on business, out of which 25% do not measure the impact at all. These are alarming figures which could influence the possibility to measuring the impact and returns of use of assessments,“ the study noted.

Given the growing emphasis on recruiting the right resource, the spotlight is on the use of assessments for recruitment and organizational development. While assessments have been used as a tool to filter candidates for recruitment for some time now, there has been an increasing emphasis on generating data and information about candidates which will play a greater role in their selection rejection, onboarding and allocation decisions.

The study shows only 58% of 130 organizations surveyed use it for talent management in select stages of employee lifecycle. It said the use of assessment for fresher & lateral hiring and workforce development, individually , is expected to be much lower.

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