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4 of billionaire Ray Dalio’s top career tips: You won’t be successful ‘if you can’t tolerate being wrong’

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At a time when talent markets are in flux and businesses are still navigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, new research from Accenture reveals that only one in six people feels highly connected, in a human sense, at work — with people who work on-site feeling the least connected.

Accenture’s “Organizational culture: From always connected to omni-connected” report outlines how companies can strengthen culture and connection by delivering “omni-connected experiences,” which level the playing field, enabling people to participate fully and have an equitable experience — growing their careers, building relationships, and creating both personal and business value and impact — regardless of where they physically work.

The study challenges the assumption that working only on-site makes people feel more connected. People who work on-site, in comparison with those who work in hybrid or remote workplaces, feel the least connected of the three groups studied — 42% of on-site workers say they feel “not connected” versus 36% hybrid and 22% fully remote.

While in-person time is vital, physical proximity that lacks leadership support, flexibility, technology or sense of purpose doesn’t necessarily translate into people feeling deeper connections to their work and to each other.

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