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Only 11% of organizations have a mature “Systemic” HR functions and think with a new strategic mindset with their Business!

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | Global People Analytics Leader @ TechnipFMC with HR KPIs expertise

📣 Only in 3% of companies, HR practitioners are rewarded to work in cross functional teams and rotate into and out of the business.

☝️ We already discussed about Systemic HR found by The Josh Bersin Company a few months ago in this post.

💡 Researchers defined a new identity and mindset “Systemic HR” and it’s not just a new operating model; it’s an operating system geared towards the post-industrial world and is now essential for business success.

🧠 Researchers found also that 6 HR clusters have changed over time! Compared with five years ago, today’s clusters show significantly more overlap with one another. In other words, there’s a growing similarity between the skill sets of various HR roles, even as the number of those roles has increased, according to a new interesting research published The Josh Bersin Company using huge data 📊 from 107 HR strategies and practices from over 1,000 companies across all industries and geographies, covering 26 million employees; 30+ in-depth interviews with CHROs of the world’s most successful companies; insights from our 12 HR domain studies; and our proprietary HR Capability Framework with data from over 9,000 HR professionals and in partnership with LinkedIn‘s data set of 1 billion users and analysis covers 7.5 million HR professional profiles, millions of job postings, 250 unique HR jobs, and 400 unique HR skills.

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