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Only 23% of Organizations have all the 3 attributes of “Work Innovators Companies” but 4 Leadership practices can help them become one!

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | People Analytics Leader @ Future of Work | HR analytics, HR KPIs

💡 87% of “Work Innovator Companies” are high performers when looking at their company’s revenue growth, sentiment toward their company’s future outlook and confidence that they have the right skills throughout their organization.

💥 Work Innovator companies are offering flexibility in where people choose to work. Work Innovators who excel in distributed models are more than twice as likely to trust their employees to get their work done, regardless of where they work. These leaders trust that no matter where their workforce is working, they are making the right decisions on behalf of the organization.

🏆 Four distinct actions leaders can take that directly drive performance gains and enable work innovation at their organization, according to a new interesting research published by Upwork using data from 1,940 global business leaders, directors through C-suite level, spanning seven industries and 14 countries in May and June 2023.

✅The Three attributes of Work Innovator Companies

The 3 main attributes of Work Innovator companies

Researchers found three distinct attributes of these companies that empower leaders to change how their organizations work, drive higher company performance levels, and separate the work pioneers and risktakers from the rest.

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