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Only if women could’ve been better Hunters

Source | LinkedIn : By Aashi Sanghvi

How was it decided that Adam should be more superior to Eve? Unless the forbidden fruit was made of steel and Adam happened to be the one with stronger teeth.

I wondered.

After all, it does take two to tango or to commit the original sin.

The overbearing pink and daunting messages on women’s day, reminding me how strong and beautiful I am, further irked me.

At what point of the human evolution the very first seed of patriarchy was sown?

There are multiple theories by social scientists around the inception of patriarchy. My own hypothesis is based on the two key phenomena that must have happened at the beginning of the cognitive revolution. When Homo Sapiens first started the concept of “community living” during the prehistoric era:

  1. Life was much shorter so in order to make up for the many deaths, women were expected to produce many children. Naturally, women became the tribe of bearing and taking care of children.
  2. The second and the more important phenomenon pertains to food. Men were physically faster and stronger and could hunt more than women could. This allowed them to go out more in search of animals. They made contacts with other tribes. It gave them power to wage wars and trade possessions with others even while copulating back home.

Men’s ability to feed the society gave him an unequivocal right to be recognized as more powerful. The society needed men’s strength given that hunting was the only mean.

In contrast, little prestige was given to routine tasks performed by women who were not perceived as someone fighting for the societal needs. Consequently, women became the second class citizen and sub servient to men.

Interestingly over the centuries this became the precedent even after the invention of contraception and even after societies didn’t have to hunt anymore.

Perhaps we must pause to think that the real lesson from the history is that the superiority in the society may not have been necessarily a gender bias but more a need bias. It was men at the time, that met societal need of strength.

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