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When Opposites Don’t Attract: Surviving Without Going Nuts

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You’re a morning person, your partner is a night owl. He prefers fried foods, you like everything baked. He’s fine being too warm, but you’d rather be too cold.

In personal relationships, minor disagreements can be overlooked.

But differences on the job can drive good managers bananas.

Most managers have at some point come to the realization that they’re never going to change that one employee they clash with. It’s frustrating – but you have to live with it.

So before you Google a good workplace relationships counselor, try these techniques to put you and your “opposite” employee on the same page.

You’re Detail-Oriented; Your Employee Isn’t

When you ask for an update on a project, you expect a run-down of what’s completed, what’s pending and any problems. But your employee responds with “it’s going good, halfway done, no problems yet.”

Your employee may not know where you’re going with your request, so he gives you the least amount of info possible so as not to incriminate himself. Or, he genuinely doesn’t know how much detail you want.

The best way to get details out of a non-detail-oriented employee is to specifically ask for numbers you desire. Provide a small outline, with the details you are seeking: “I’d like to 


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