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<p>Bensely Zachariah, Global Head of Human Resources, Fulcrum Digital Inc.</p>
Bensely Zachariah, Global Head of Human Resources, Fulcrum Digital Inc.

By Bensely Zachariah

While employee safety and wellbeing were the top priorities for HR leaders in the first few months of the pandemic, the next few months saw the shifting of their focus to crafting an effective talent strategy for the pandemic and post-pandemic era. As the employees started working from home, one of the most important segments that was affected was performance management. Performance management is the process of identifying, measuring, managing, and developing the performance of the employees in an organization. Optimization (the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or a resource) of performance management thus became a natural priority for all organizations.

Prior to the pandemic most organizations were hesitant to switch from their traditional performance management systems which were largely driven by managers directly measuring their productivity and trying to manage their performance accordingly. However, with the pandemic all norms have changed. Managers have realized that the only way to measure employees’ productivity now is to purely depend on the results that they produce and the impact that it has on the business. The current scenario calls for a complete overhaul of the traditional system, and to design processes that focus on metrics that drive business impact. Though performance and…

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