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Organizational Ingenuity: The Secret To Success In The World Of A…

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Next week at our [Irresistible 2023 Conference]( I will be unveiling a new speech on the topic of Organizational Ingenuity, part of the long history of business shifting from the industrial age to the post-industrial age.

As you’ll hear briefly in this podcast, we’re all about to become SuperHuman workers thanks to AI, giving us the opportunity to do more with fewer people. But that won’t work out if you don’t have Organizational Ingenuity. And that’s the focus of this podcast and my speech next week.

I also discuss the work we’re doing on The Josh Bersin HR Copilot, which we’ll be previewing at the conference next week. As you’ll hear, AI is bringing together information like never before and in many ways making us each like Superman, unaware and learning how to use our new “superpowers.”

If you want to understand this more, read my book [Irresistible: The Seven Secrets Of The World’s Most Enduring, Employee-Focused Organizations]( While the book is not about AI, it lays the framework for the new business issues we face in the AI-decade ahead.

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