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Our Leaders Of Tomorrow Are Going To Need These 4 Rare Skills

Source | | Shane Snow

If there’s anything the events of 2020 have taught us so far, it’s this: we are more interconnected than ever before.

Diseases from one part of the world can infect the whole world.

Violence in one city can be felt in all of our cities.

Acute acts of injustice reveal systemic problems. Local movements easily become global ones. And the words of our leaders have ripple effects far beyond the words themselves.

When we look a little less macro, we see the same kinds of effects:

Our businesses are more interconnected than ever, too: with our partners, with the technology platforms we build on, and with the communication tools and supply chains we depend on.

And within our own teams, injustice and unrest in one area can infect a business’s entire culture. A lack of second-order thinking—or moral backbone—in a single leader can have ripple effects across our companies and the customers they serve.

So I think now’s a good time to stop and ask ourselves:

What kind of leaders do we want in our future?

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