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Over 1.3 million blue-collar jobs up for grabs in India

Source | | Rajesh Kurup

The demand for skilled manpower was seen higher in telecom, logistics, apparels and retail, as per the listings on ASEEM portal

In what could be a silver lining in India’s employment scenario, the country has been recording a steady rise in blue-collar job opportunities, driven by telecom and logistics sectors.

There are as much as 13.54-lakh blue-collar jobs up for grabs as of mid-May, an increase from 13.15 lakh in April and 9.42-lakh jobs in March, and whopping increase from 5.84-lakh openings in December. Telecom led the pack in May, with 2.67 lakh jobs on-the-offer, followed by logistics at 2.23 lakh, apparel at 1.30 lakh and retail at 1.28 lakh, according to listings on Aatmanirbhar Skilled Employee Employer Mapping (ASEEM) portal.

Logistics, apparels and retail had topped the charts during the previous months.

ASEEM was launched in July 2020 by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship to help skilled people find livelihood opportunities. The portal was developed by Bengaluru-based Betterplace Safety Solutions in collaboration with National Skill Development Corporation.

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