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Overall, Men are more motivated and committed than Women at work, but the motivations of both genders drop after 8 years of activity!

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | People Analytics Leader @ Future of Work | HR analytics, HR KPIs

💡 The type of work done within industries and gender make a big difference in Employee Engagement.

💥 Employee motivation and commitment trends vary widely by industry but there is an interesting story that goes beyond industry differences. Indeed, there is variability related to gender, type of work, and age.

🏆 Across prime working-age groups, men tend to experience higher motivation and commitment in the workplace than women. But looking through the lens of management, the differences between men and women increase as the level of seniority increases. Even more interesting, employee motivation and commitment drops among workers with more than 8 years on the job, according to a new interesting research published by ADP Research Institute® using data from monthly sentiment survey of 2,500 working adults in the United States.

✅Definition of EMC: Employee Motivation and Commitment Index


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