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Overcome Challenges: How To Fight The Worst Times Of Your Life | Rajatt Naroola | Josh Talks

Source | YouTube | Josh Talks

Do you think your life is difficult? Are you tired of challenges life throws at you and want to know how to face challenges in life and overcome challenges?

In his Josh Talk, Rajatt Naroola talks about how he lost his mother and father when he was just a teenager, due to which, he suffered from depression and anxiety. Rajatt eventually got Bipolar Disorder. But unlike most people who would have given up to the challenges thrown at them, Rajatt Naroola never gave up and lived life to the fullest and overcome disability and challenges in life. Unlike most people who begin to see their problems and challenges, and ask everyone how to face challenges and difficulties in life, he took them as a challenge and stood tall against all the hardships to overcome all challenges

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