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Overwork Is Not A Strategy For Response To The Pandemic

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This week someone leaked a survey by Goldman Sachs which shows that new analysts often work more than 95 hours per week and sleep only 5 hours each night. The survey then points out that these employees’ mental and physical health has plummeted, with 100% stating that the workload has negatively impacted family relationships and 75% needing counseling or therapy from stress.

Now I have no way of knowing how representative this is (it only came from 13 respondents), but it does make a point. Overwork and unrealistic deadlines are not a good business strategy.

I know, we all “pay our dues” in our careers, and I have spent plenty of time working weekends and evenings when I knew a deal (or my job) was on the line. But as this small study points out, overwork does not create quality output and it can have a very negative impact on your brand.

So as we crawl our way out of this pandemic, let me make a few points (and much more of this will be clear when we launch our massive new research on Employee Experience later this quarter).

1/ Everyone feels stressed, traumatized, and overworked at the moment.

The Pandemic has affected everyone (from front-line workers to senior managers) in significant ways, and most of us are tired and ready for a break. As we know from public health statistics, the pandemic is not yet over, so we still need endurance and patience to see this through.

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