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Paid Family and Medical Leave Starts in Oregon | Mark A. Crabtree and Kevin M. Coles © Jackson Lewis

​More than four years since the passage of Oregon’s Paid Family Medical Leave Act into law, paid leave benefits are now available to Oregon employees, as of Sept. 3. Applications for benefits, toolkits and quick start guides are all now available online at

Any employee in Oregon who has earned at least $1,000 in the prior year may qualify for up to 12 weeks of paid family, medical or safe leave in a year (with up to two additional weeks available for limitations relating to pregnancy, childbirth or a related medical condition). Employees will receive a percentage of their wages, depending on how much they earned in the prior year. Benefits are approved, calculated and paid through the state’s Paid Leave Oregon (PLO) program. In 2023, the minimum and maximum weekly benefit amounts will be $63.48 and $1,523.63 respectively.

Employees who have worked for their employer at least 90 consecutive calendar days are also guaranteed job protection rights, and employers must continue to provide the same health benefits and pension rights to those employees.


Since Jan. 1, Oregon employers and employees have shared the cost of Paid Leave Oregon through a 1 percent post-tax contribution rate on the first $132,900 of each employee’s gross wages. Employers are responsible for 40 percent of the total contribution rate, while employees pay the other 60 percent. Employers may opt to cover the entire contribution, including employees’ portion, as an…

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