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Painful layoffs continue: are lessons being learnt though?

Source | YourStory : By VENKAT RAGHULAN

One of my batch mates from IIM, Kozhikode, has the best dinner-time story ever. He was one among the many who joined a large Indian IT firm after his engineering with the sole purpose of going ‘onsite’ to the US. But he was one of the many who did not get such an opportunity for years. He finally decided to call it quits and joined IIMK.

After MBA, he got a job with Lehman Brothers and was asked to report to their office in the US after a short stint in India. Upon reaching the US, he checked into a hotel in New York and stepped out to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Big Apple. When he returned, he found that the access key to his room did not work. After a few more fruitless attempts at trying the keycard at all possible angles, he went to the reception. The lady replied matter-of-factly that his company had gone bankrupt, and all their rooms had been emptied and blocked. His luggage was stacked next to the reception. He was left with shock, a bit of grief and a great story to tell.

I used to think that such dramatic reversals of fortune took place only in the US, which is an action-first individualistic society. People act first and reflect later, and the consequences of their actions generally affect only them as individuals with little impact on their near and dear ones.

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