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How to pair up employees for mentoring relationships

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When assigning a mentor to a new employee or someone wishing to learn a new task or take on additional responsibilities, it should not be done haphazardly.

A mentor is not always a superior. It might be a peer. However, not everyone who is a seasoned employee is cut out to be a mentor.

The company should not force an existing employee into the role. A little nudging may be appropriate if it is a minor reservation about his or her abilities and/or comfort level. But someone who is adamant that it is not a fit should be passed over for the next candidate.

On the flip side, not everyone who sees himself or herself as a role model is mentoring material. Being good at a task does not necessarily make someone the best teacher.

Some organizations have a formal mentoring program that involves Human Resources, a mentor application, and a training process.

Less formal programs, at minimum, will look for someone who has:


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