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My parents have no idea what I do for a job. Do yours?

Source | LinkedIn : By Steve Blakeman

I’ve been in the media planning / buying business for 30 years. And for the exact same amount of time I’ve been trying to explain what I do to my parents. But alas to no avail. They still think I “make adverts”.

Trust me, it’s not like I haven’t tried. I’ve even pared it down to the most basic of explanations:

“Right, now when you see an advert on the TV there are other people watching it too. With me so far? Good. So depending on the type of programme, the time of day it is broadcast and who is watching it we match that information to the brand that our client is trying to promote. With me? Finally we negotiate a price to put our advert into the ad break for that programme. Got it?”

There is always a lot of furious head nodding and visible cues of comprehension. And then that same question which always fills my heart with dread…

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