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“Parks and Recreation” | Talks at Google

The cast of NBC’s comedy mockumentary “Parks and Recreation” visits Google LA to discuss and answer questions about their 2012 new season. Amy Poehler moderates a discussion with her fellow cast members: Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt and Adam Scott. This talk took place at Google LA on September 6, 2012.

A four-minute preview of the footage is available here: .
Their subsequent hangout with the Google Play team on Google+ is here: .


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  1. this audience sucked…if i had been there, i would have hit em with a little…"excuse me, there’s a sign at ramset park that says ‘do not drink the sprinkler water’, so i made sun tea with it, and now I have an infection." or maybe…“I didn’t want all of the slugs gone! I wanted most of the slugs gone!"…
    i don't think any of these people ever really watched the show…?

  2. Not to be overly mean, but they literally could not have had a worst introduction to this panel. Cmon dude, at least read through your cards or rehearse your jokes a couple times before going up on stage. That couldn't have been more awkward and stilted.

  3. Oh fuck. Real awkward that someone asked Amy about her husband being on when 1. He’s been on and 2. They separated like a week before this, she already took her ring off.

  4. In some point at 2012 somebody thought: The scrubby guy on the right will only get fatter and amount to nothing, and the brunette is too weird to people still pay attention to her.

  5. lol its so clear the guy who wrote the intro was a superfan and they didnt get to perform it so they were like aw shit um hey you and then they slapped a duke silver shirt on him

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