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PART 1 – UiPath | HR Use Case | Generate Offer Letters | RE Framework | RPA | Dispatcher | Beginner


➤ Bulk Hiring / Campus Recruitment is a strategy for sourcing and hiring young crowd for internship or entry-level positions for medium- to large-sized companies with high-volume recruiting efforts.
Once the Hiring process is completed – The HR has to work on generation of offer letters and rollout the offer letters to the hired candidates which is a repetitive and mundane task. How about an Robot doing the same for the Team.

This use case is called the Generating offer letter which we would be looking at the Problem Statement. We will explore the As Is vs To be Process. Design the solution approach and Code the entire Automation using UiPath Studio.

👉 If you are a Beginner in the technology – This use case can help you build expertise in RE Framework and the RPA Technology

👉 This is the First part of the video where we are only Coding the Dispatcher Robot. In the upcoming one – we would be looking at the Performer Part. Stay Tuned !

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➤➤➤ Timestamps
0:00 – Start
00:41 – Agenda of the Video
02:09 – Sneak Peak to the Automation
03:03 – Background
04:17 – As Is Process
06:13 – To Be Process
08:00 – Introduction to the Files and Folders
11:29 – Solution Design Approach
14:22 – Lets Code Dispatcher
18:53 – Creating Assets in Orchestrator
25:01 – Debug and Validate
28:40 – Filtering Hired Candidates
31:20 – Adding Hired Candidates to Queue
32:04 – Create Queue in Orchestrator
34:24 – Exception Handling
35:36 – Publishing Code to Orchestrator
36:19 – Create Process in Orchestrator
37:12 – Trigger Dispatcher Process from Orchestrator
38:50 – Advantage of Using the Log Message

➤➤➤ Playlists / Videos to Refer

👉👉 Link to Part 2 – Performer

For Files :
🌎 Website :
🔴Go to : Download — Select the Video — Download . 🙂 Please let me know if you got the Files and revert If you face any problem . …..
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👉👉 RE Framework Complete Playlist

👉👉 Create Framework for Linear Process using RE Framework

👉👉 Excel Automation Playlist

👉👉 Exception Handling Playlist

➤➤➤ Happy Automation!

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