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Participating in a Hackathon? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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Decoding a Coding Hackathon for You

These days, coding competitions are seen as an opportunity to grow as a developer. The misconceptions of hackathons demanding all-nighters are long gone. Today, a hackathon is a coder’s Disneyland. 

Nowadays, coding contests include everything from hacking codes, having a lot of fun, to getting an amazing opportunity to network with fellow hackers. 

The greatest advantage of a coding competition is the scope that it gives a coder to understand hacks and programs from different unfamiliar frameworks. This way, a coder can use the entire coding experience as a means to upskill.

Online hackathons are the current trend. These are are hosted by several websites and are also sponsored by top tech companies and universities.

The major attraction for online hackathons is the ability to hack from the comfort of your home. 

Many online hackathons also have the option of flexibility — the contest timings are not fixed. This works coding enthusiasts who have a full-time job or those who are college students. 

5 Points to Keep in Mind While Preparing for a Hackathon

Despite all the changes, the way one practices for hackathons has not changed. Here are 5 points to definitely keep in mind while preparing for a hackathon:

1. Know the programming language: Be sure to know the program asked for in the contest thoroughly. 

Knowing the programme helps save a lot of time, which you would otherwise waste due to mere errors. Pick any programming language, like HTML, JavaScript, C++, FORTRAN or any computer language for that matter, and master every possible aspect of it.

2. Time management: Like any other important scenario of your life, maintaining time is very important. So, it is recommended to keep track of time while practicing coding competitions.

Even a coding pro can go wrong with time management, hence to have a sure shot at winning you must be able to code within the time given!

3. Know the R&R: Go through the rules and regulations with a fine-tooth comb. Every hackathon has its own rules and regulations, and the judges are strict about following rules. 

The rules usually include the time given, information about the programming language you can use, the number of times you can submit your answer, eligibility criteria and many more important pieces of information needed to participate.

4. Teamwork: This applies only to coders participating in teams, but being able to work as a team is one among the important criterias while preparing for a coding contest. 

You can use Git Branching to help you code as a team and speed up the process. While working as a team, it is important to make sure that every team member knows their part perfectly, and Git Branching helps you be aware of the part your teammate is playing. 

5. Practice, Practice & Practice:  While coding, only practice can increase your precision. And a coder with precision can do wonders in the field of tech. 

There are several websites and videos that have tutorials on how to prepare for a hackathon. So, refer to them to pick up insights on how to win! 

Only when you practice will you be able to master all the points mentioned above. Hence, when it comes to coding, practice does make you perfect!

Now that you know how to prepare for a coding competition, it is time you participated in one!

Here’s Why You Should Participate in ‘Solve The Code: The Hackathon’

‘Solve The Code: The Hackathon’ by JobsForHer is a one-of-a-kind coding hackathon for all women coders!

The coding competition gives a coder an opportunity to win a one-on-one session with a recruitment head from a top tech company in her city.

And the best news is that ANY woman coder across India can participate in ‘Solve The Code: The Hackathon’!

This is an opportunity curated by JobsForHer to give women coders the exposure that will help boost their tech careers.

It is among the few coding contests that aims to help the career growth of the coder. The code for ‘Solve The Code: The Hackathon’ is changed every week, which means you get several chances to redeem yourself, and give yourself a chance to crack a new code, as many times as you want. 

Find out more about ‘Solve The Code: The Hackathon’ here:


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