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The path to achieve your career goal – real experience from a CEO

Source | LinkedIn : By Pascal Ly

I have always set my sights on becoming a CEO as part of my professional career goal. The easiest path would be to set up my own company but I was privileged to be appointed by a Board of Directors of an established company. From the start of my career, I’ve ensured that I have developed the hard and soft skills demanded of a CEO role.

In this article, I will be sharing my path of becoming a CEO which took me 15 years of perseverance and hard work and I hope that my experience can inspire you to achieve your own career goal. As for myself, I’m already on my next career move and you can know more about what I’m doing now in the last paragraph.

What does it take for you to get there?

It’s like being in a big maze, each of us will have a different one. You need to learn to navigate in your maze which is a representation of your surrounding people such as family, friends, and colleagues including your professional working environment. It will require you to find shortcuts (not cutting corners), get support, learn to avoid and get out of traps, manage dead-ends and uncertainty; in short, doing what it takes to get through your maze to reach your ultimate goal.

At times, you will have a bunch of people saying you can’t make it i.e not enough experience, not the right degree, not the right skills, not having the right knowledge and so on. Keep in mind that your attitude and perseverance are fundamental. You must be able to accept and recognize your own weaknesses. Self-awareness is a good way to measure both your progression towards the role and self-readiness on your soft and hard skills.

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