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Peace for all

By | Sabih Kidwai | Director Learning Solutions, Talent Management & OD at Schneider Electric Greater India

A peaceful world is an immediate, utter and absolute necessity

                                                                                                 – Sri Chinmoy

Every year I think the world is improving and our civilization is taking ‘Big leaps for the mankind’. While there is indeed a lot happening, there is a lot more that needs to happen for humanity and Humans. I once again look up to the new year with the hope that it will bring “Peace for all”.

I think, like in the past this year too we did achieve a lot in our quest for robust economies, space travel, political changes, border security, currency stability, LGBT rights, animals extinction, stable middle east, melting glaciers, nuclear warfare etc. . . this list can go on and on. Though we can all debate on the effectiveness of each of these endeavors, we can’t challenge the fact that these were worked diligently upon !

What did not get enough attention or at least a fair share of attention was the pursuit of Peace for all ! I think the world was unnecessarily divided on issues that appeared in the interest of this endeavor but did not show adequate commitment to actions in this direction. We witnessed innumerable losses of human lives during the year in Africa, Syria, Rwanda, Bahrain, US, Pakistan,Turkey, Afghanistan, Indonesia and many many more places. In this world of social media where the information is instant and available in the palm of our hands, we all were reduced to mute spectators to the killing of humans and humanity at large!  Do not ask who is right and who is wrong because frankly it does not matter, what matters is that ‘our Humanity’ is being killed. We have all hopped from one WhatsApp message to the other and from one news channel to the other, have cursorily looked at the newspaper headlines and jumped to the sports or business page to look for something more enthusing and interesting. We ended up judging, taking sides, rationalising some or at best feeling pity for the aggreived. The leaders of the world did condemn and mourn but could do very little to step beyond their own boundaries to stop it just in the interest of Peace.

This year let the world unite to make concerted efforts to bring peace at any cost. Let’s write, talk about, campaign and build awareness that Peace is the foundation for all or ‘any good’ to happen. Let us all stand up and pray together for 2017 to be peaceful, peaceful beyond the right or wrong, peaceful beyond boundaries of factions, religions and nations.

Just simply – Peaceful for all !

Republished with permission and originally published at Sabih Kidwai’s LinkedIn

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