Book Review

People Analytics. Data and Text Analytics for Human Resources

By |  Eduardo Valencia | Marisa Echarri | Regina Salcedo | Thomas Mosley

We have more information at our disposal about tastes, opinions, and certain behaviors that could be very useful in making decisions about performance, salaries, turnover rate, leaves of absence, etc.

Accordingly, People Analytics processes that information through analysis tools that allow you to look at talent management decisions in a new way. People Analytics is based on data analysis as opposed to traditional methods of relationships or personal experiences.

I have worked in the area of analytics and data for quite a few years. Lately, I’ve been specializing in data for use in Human Resources departments. I have spent a lot of time doing consulting work and training others. Now, I also direct People Analytics Pro (, where we host a 140-hour Master’s program that teaches HR professionals to use data and analytics tools to make informed decisions that improve employee management in an organization. In other words, we help prepare HR analysts.

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