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People and Culture are the main critical Challenges for Automation and Digitalization !

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | Global People Analytics Leader @ Future of Work with HR Analytics Strategy expertise

💡 Digitalization will have the greatest impact on operational job roles in the coming years, followed by environmental sustainability

☝️ Talent is a key Challenge for the majority of industrial companies and the challenge is further exacerbated by companies struggling to acquire talent and/or retain personnel.

💥 By introducing automation and supporting technologies into their operations, industrial companies can attract new skills and capabilities to effectively meet the people challenge

👉 Although industrial companies acknowledge that digitalization will change the nature of work, it is not viewed as a replacement for employees. Instead, it is seen as an opportunity to utilize new technologies to boost efficiencies, achieve better synergies, and add value to the employee experience.

🦾 Within three years, 47% of employees will have implemented significant automation addressing most manual tasks.

There is also a shortage of data insight and solution skills: Industrial companies view these skills as essential if they are to develop the real-time and strategic analytics models required for data-driven decision making and ultimately business growth.

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