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People are bragging on Twitter about lying on their resumes

Source | | By : Marguerite Ward | Catherine Clifford

The hashtag #WhiteLiesOnMyResume is trending on Twitter today as users join in to brag, or joke, about misstatements on their job applications.

Some people are saying they fibbed about the number of languages they speak, while others are saying they really aren’t the team players they pretended to be.

As some other, savvier Twitter users are pointing out, this is a bad idea that can have real-world consequences for your career.

Getting caught lying on your resume can get you fired. Even top executives, such as Wal-mart’s David Tovar, have lost their jobs for providing false information to employers.

Lying is one of the 10 biggest resume mistakes you can make, according to a survey of hiring professionals by jobs site CareerBuilder. Take a look at the other most ridiculous errors CareerBuilder’s experts have seen on applicants’ resumes.

1. Misspelling their own name

An applicant’s last name was autocorrected from “Flin” to “Flintstone.”

His first name, as it happened, was Freddie.

2. Telling a fairy tale

An applicant said he had been a prince in another life.

3. Not checking for spelling mistakes

An applicant claimed to pay great attention to detail, but the word “attention” was misspelled.

4. Providing random information

An applicant included “taking long walks” as a skill.

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