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People Are Sharing The Worst Job Interview Experience They Ever Had, And I Truly Would Have Walked Out On Most Of These

"First thing the interviewer said was, 'I have no intention of hiring you.'"

Source | | Brian Galindo

Earlier this week, Reddit user UlGrimsen asked the AskReddit community: “What was your worst job interview?”

And the thread soon had thousands of replies, as people shared some truly awful and/or infuriating job interviews they had. Here are some of the top-voted and best comments:

1. “I applied to a job as a junior programmer and within five minutes the guy goes, ‘Look, I’ll be honest, there is no job, you can get an internship, no pay, we offer the bus pass.'”

2. “I took vacation days to interview, bought my own plane ticket, and paid for my own hotel. First thing the interviewer said was, ‘I have no intention of hiring you. This is just a courtesy because I knew your brother.'”

“I had eight more hours left in my interview day. It was painful. They ended up offering me the position many weeks down the road because they couldn’t fill the position. I politely declined and got a very passive-aggressively worded survey to fill out explaining why I passed.

Edit: I’m an eye surgeon. This was for a training position at an Ivy League institution.”

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