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People who are consistently successful in life usually share these 10 traits

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Success rarely happens by accident. 

Those who overcome obstacles and make the most of their lives share a specific playbook. 

Here are the top traits that successful people usually demonstrate. 

1) Clear communication

First up in the traits of successful people is a knack for clear communication. 

We aren’t all born as talented communicators, so sometimes this trait takes a bit of work to develop. 

It requires pronouncing words clearly, speaking at an audible volume, facing the person or people we are talking with and making eye contact. 

Gestures can also help clarify and emphasize points that are being made. 

Clear communication can’t be exaggerated in its importance. 

This is an absolutely crucial trait of many of the most successful people. 

2) Discipline and organization 

Successful people also cultivate discipline and organization in their lives. 

They know that if you are disciplined and organize you put yourself on a very good footing for making progress toward your goals. 

No matter how wonderful your ideas, colleagues and health is, a lack of self-discipline and organization can ruin even the best laid plans. 

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