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People who fear change often share these 10 rigid traits

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If there’s anything we should all know by now, it’s that the only thing that’s constant in life is change. Ironically, it’s also something many of us are afraid of. 

Change can be daunting, but have you ever wondered why it seems to be a more significant challenge for some people than for others? What makes certain people more resistant to change? 

In this article, I’ll discuss ten rigid traits that people who fear change often share. You might just find a few things that resonate with you, and maybe they could shine a light on what you’ll need to overcome to get more comfortable with change.

1) Perfectionism

The first trait that many change-fearing individuals share is perfectionism. The constant need to have everything just right can hinder our ability to embrace change. 

We get so caught up in the pursuit of an ideal that we become unwilling to try new things or take risks. We become scared that the outcome might not meet our impossibly high standards. 

Take this workplace study featured in Insider, for instance. It showed how “employees are so focused on following policies that they don’t want to take risks.” Unfortunately, that also means their capacity for creativity is diminished. 

The bottom line: they aren’t as inclined to think innovatively and deal with change as it happens. 

2) Fear of failure

Another common trait among those who resist change is the fear of failure, which is connected to the point above. 

“What if I don’t succeed?” “What if I end up looking foolish?” 

Sound familiar?

I’ve asked myself these questions more times than I can count. This fear often stems from a deep-rooted belief that we need to be successful in everything we do. 

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