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“People who feel appreciated will always do more than is expected”​

Source | LinkedIn | Antony Bonney | LinkedIn Specialist ▪️Ask me for help ▪️Managing Director of inSurge ▪️ NATWEST BANK OFFICIAL LINKEDIN SPEAKER

So often in our working life, we look at the people at the “top” and see a Boss. 

Have you got a Boss or a Leader? What even is the difference?

Well, your “Boss” is that unapproachable person in charge who dictates and expects more than you’re paid for little or no return. The “Boss” expects things to happen without constructive dialogue and pushes rather than directing.

A Leader has an open door. Doesn’t wait for you to explain what’s going on in your life they come and ask. They are interested in what matters to you personally. 

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Leaders ask questions and opinions about situations that involve you and that affects you, taking into account the impact and acting accordingly in your interest.

If you have a “Boss” you will often find that they do most of the talking asking very few questions yet expecting action. 

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