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People who have passion rather than fear are the ones who are able to conquer and do well, says Pooja Luthra, CHRO, Trident Group, ETHRWorld |

<p>Pooja Luthra, CHRO, Trident Group</p>
Pooja Luthra, CHRO, Trident Group

Technological intervention plays an indispensable role in the L&D process in the era of ChatGPT. To remain competitive in the markets and avoid skill gaps in the near future, organisations are also putting a lot of effort into it.

It is also essential to measure the effectiveness of such initiatives from time to time to maintain its relevance.

Apart from organisational efforts, employees also need to be proactive at their end to gain something substantial from such L&D initiatives.

In this context, and to understand more about the L&D trends, ETHRWorld interacted with Pooja Luthra, CHRO, Trident Group, at ETHRWorld’s Future Skills Conference 2023 held recently in Gurugram.

What strategies has your company used to promote continuous learning and upskilling, and have you seen positive impacts?There’s been loads of strategies in place. We’ve tried to make learning as pragmatic as possible. We follow a philosophy, called ‘Earn, Learn and Grow’.

So, when you look at that order, it talks about how people are earning, and how people are making a living for themselves. When that happens, the learning tends to happen faster.

Learning for us is on the job. It has been by taking up new roles, being in the deep-end of the pool and experimenting, and finally rewarding and recognising employees for doing a good job.

If you read the World Economic Forum’s reports, the one thing that is consistent there is…

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