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People who use these 5 phrases have low emotional intelligence

By | Anouare Abdou |

It’s useful to understand that while the scope of emotional intelligence expands beyond language, there are some clues in the way a person speaks that can reveal their level of EQ.

People who use the following types of phrases are likely to have low emotional intelligence. Be on the lookout for them so you can gain a deeper understanding of social dynamics and situations, which will allow you to develop better emotional awareness yourself.

A little background on EQ

There is plenty of advice on developing emotional intelligence, but EQ can’t be faked — you have to actually care about others. “People are pretty good at recognizing when you don’t care. You can’t fake EQ. It’s pretty hard to fake empathy,” says Tamaryn de Kock, Chief of Staff at Jonar.

According to Tamaryn, there’s a core principle to demonstrating high EQ: “Don’t say things you don’t really mean and can’t back up through actions.” So the words you speak do matter, but emotional intelligence is always contextual and involves other factors.

“When you’re working with people and emotions, there is no one solution that fits all. People are complex. Emotions are complex. The best solution is always based on understanding the person and understanding the circumstances and situation,” says de Kock.

In a post-pandemic world, professionals now have to rely on verbal communication more than other forms of interactions to nurture relationships. “Lots of the more subtle forms of communication that heavily play into understanding circumstances and situations have been lost.”

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