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Being a People’s Champion – All the best USAIN!

Source | .com  |  BY:Winston Derosario , Hr leader 

For most of us who have admired and followed the fastest human this decade we were left with a tear perhaps given recent results! Am grateful that I got to watch USAIN inspire me over the last 10+ years to be “The People’s Champion” as he taught me these key lessons and left me with memories.

Chase a dream as you chase excellence! You may need someone to help you find your true PURPOSE

“Dream the impossible then work hard to achieve it – Bobby deRosario(my Dad)“. It’s important to have a dream but more important to work towards achieving it. It was USAIN’s teacher who first saw potential and then motivated him to excel. Excellence is about chasing your dream. Its the countless hours of hard work, joy when you discover something new, pain when you experience failure but the resolve to pick yourself up and run the mile…twice as hard. ” There are no speed limits on the road to success – David W Johnson



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