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‘Performance reviews should be a thing of the past’

The delayed delivery of critical feedback is not conducive to building a good relationship, says Joydeep Hor

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For many employees, the performance review with their manager is a highly emotional experience that can lead to tears or even resignations, according to a survey from Adobe.

From a sample of 1,500 office workers, 22% admitted to having cried after a review and almost as many said they’d quit. 

More men said they’d cried than women and more men also said they had quit.

Indeed, managers spend around 20 hours a year on them and consider them time-consuming distractions from their actual work, surveys have found.

Moreover, managers have been found to struggle with distilling how employees performed all year long into one annual meeting.

Joydeep Hor, Founder & Managing Principal, People + Culture Strategies, compares performance appraisals to his schooldays when he would anxiously view his report to see what marks he got.

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