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Personal Branding for Working Women: Neeraja Ganesh’s Mantra for Career Success

By | Namrata Harish |

In this day and age, personal branding is as important for working women as it is for a product or service.

It is a showcase of your strengths and what you bring to the table, according to Neeraja Ganesh, Consultant, Inroads Leadership Development Pvt Ltd.

In an exclusive Expert Chat, JobsForHer Mentor Neeraja emphasises the point that women need to find their brand and portray it with confidence.

“Identify your strengths and what you bring to the organisation — that is what will become your brand. Ultimately, people will start valuing your strengths and start seeing you as a valuable part of the organisation,” she says.

Neeraja brings her expertise on the working world of women from more than 25 years to the Expert Chat forum.

She has personally mentored women from diverse backgrounds in varying fields to choose the right path to career success.

In this Expert Chat, she answers some pertinent questions by women about creating their personal brand.

One such question was: “How do I make my voice heard when I’m the only woman in the room?”

“People take notice of you when you are the only woman in the room, but what makes the difference is which seat you take at the table. Take the middle seat at the table, speak up and make precise, to-the-point, punchy statements. Then you will be heard as well.”

Neeraja also makes it a point to address the concerns of women getting back to work after a career break.

“Play to your strengths, collaborate with everyone around you without making it competitive, and ensure that your team is successful,” she says.

Even women entrepreneurs can find inspiration from Neeraja’s Expert Chat. The experienced mentor speaks about the importance of leveraging social media and an online presence to build your entrepreneurship brand.

Find all these topics and more covered by Neeraja Ganesh in her Expert Chat video here.

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