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Personalisation Is Everything!

By | Rrahul Sethi | Co-Founder: Talent Happiness + Delivery + Global Partnerships @ Expoodle | Always Smiling | Immersive Tech Speaker(VRARA) | Influencer Marketer | Community Builder

In today’s time, personalising the customer experience is of paramount importance. With most of the marketing approach centred around metrics like price, product, ROI, sales, the true essence of businesses is all but lost. Businesses survive only when they resolve the pain points of the consumer. You can talk in lengths of stats and analysis, but until and unless you can convey your brand to the targeted consumer, you won’t sustain long. This is where understanding the consumers becomes a major priority for the brands.

In this hyper-competitive business environment; streamlining personalised marketing can provide an understanding of the customer mindset and results in strategic advantage to the brands. Over 51% of the customers expect companies to anticipate their needs and provide relevant suggestions even before the customer reaches out to the brand. Brands willing to stay competitive need to focus on leveraging personalised marketing. 

Here’s how you can integrate the personalised marketing trend for your brand: 

3 Ways to Approach the Personalised Marketing   

1. Build Personal Connection with your Customers

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People have different tastes and needs. Shoe-honing them into a one-size-fits-all approach can affect the brand’s marketing and reach. Though the basis of marketing is to reach the targeted audience, you need to micro-manage and look into the individualistic traits and preferences to gain positive traction from the targeted audience. 

Creating a bridge for growing relations with the consumer is paramount for the survival of the business, though not necessarily practised much. The lack of personal touch can bring a big disconnect between the brand and the consumer. A solution for the same is much needed and thankfully it already exists around us. Adjusting your business approach to incorporate personalised marketing and building a deep two-way communication with the customer should form the basis for long-term growth and engagement between the brand and the company. 

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