How To Plan Your Day As An Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship demands long working hours. Sometimes agonizingly long – to the point where you’d have to shut your inner working clock to actually reboot and play along the work schedule for the next day.

Think weekends. Think late evenings/ and nights. The list can go on.

So how do you put some method to this madness when you are so stretched with time and never-ending deadlines that are lurking around just to get your attention?

Here you go.

1. Stick to a Morning Ritual

Top performers (including entrepreneurs) all have mostly one thing in common: they use their morning time very constructively. 5am-8am time bracket can work magically for you – be it starting your day with refreshing yoga, or going for a 30-minute brisk walk, or sipping your black coffee, breezing through New York Times or new social media updates. You are most focused and revved up in the morning.

2. Eat that Frog

Brian Tracy says it aptly in his book– Eat That Frog. Get to the heart of the most important tasks and knock them off first thing in your schedule. Let’s face it: you have limited energy, so use it wisely to get tête-à-tête with what defines your work for a given day. In the words of Greg McKeown, be an essentialist: practice working on the core responsibilities of your business, and the rest you can delegate.

3. Reflect

Going through every little detail in your mind (maybe the e-mail you are supposed to send to your new big customer or wishing your ex-boss a happy working anniversary to have completed 10 years in a company – it can get as granular as you have thought), you need a deeper reflection on what matters the most to you – in business and life. So take some time to sink in with your status-quo and alter things that are best aligned with your purpose.

We consulted a few entrepreneurs to get their perspective when planning their work day, and here’s what we gleaned.

Sahil Gupta, Business Head, Faridagupta Retail said, “Entrepreneurs are often expected and they strive to be omniscient in very little time. I think one of the ways to work towards this is to be disciplined with a daily routine and constantly grow multifold — personally and professionally. When it comes to health, it’s very important to keep the body fit and functional, which is why I start my day with a 60-75-minute workout. Your career is only as long as your body can go!”

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