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Planning a Corporate Event That No One Will Forget

By | Regina Thomas

Corporate events let you build a sense of community within your organization. They are the perfect tool when you want to promote a product or service. Depending on the purpose of the event, it can be casual, formal, innovative, or fun.

A good corporate event requires planning. That’s why it’s good for you to think in advance about everything you need to do before you schedule your event.

Plans Fail When There Is No Organization

When there is no organization, corporate events fail. In order to organize a corporate event, you need to have in mind the basics, such as the number of attendees, how much money you have in your budget, and whether the event is going to be on-premise or if you will rent a separate location.

Once you have the big picture ideas, you need to put the details together. The details are going to vary from event to event and will be based on the culture of your organization.

It’s All About Money

You could envision the perfect corporate event that would knock everyone’s socks off. But if you don’t have the budget for it, it’s all a pipe dream.

When you set the budget, you need to think about things like the venue, food, and entertainment. For each of these things, there is usually some room for negotiation. The goal is to negotiate with vendors but not try to lowball them. You want your event to be memorable to your vendors, not because they felt taken advantage of, but because they felt like they worked with someone who planned well, was reasonable, and was easy to work with.

When it comes to looking for a venue, it’s good to look at multiple venues in different price ranges. Just because a venue is more expensive does not mean it’s going to be nicer. And just because a venue is less expensive does not mean that it lacks what your attendees are going to require.

Entertainment is key to the success of any corporate event. Whether you book a band, hire a comedian, or use a DJ, you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. The Internet makes finding musicians, comedians, and actors a lot easier. There are several sites that are dedicated solely to helping you find the entertainer who is right for your event. You may even find audition tapes, videos, and other things to help you make an excellent decision.

Finally, you need to think about food when planning the budget. Wonderful food can make or break an event. Most people will not remember the color of the tablecloth or how the napkins matched the decorations. They will remember what they ate.

Here again, you need to do a bit of research and understand the tastes of the people who you are inviting and strive to prepare a budget to have food that your guests will enjoy. You want to make sure you have enough. Nothing is as embarrassing as running out of food or drink in the middle of an event that was designed to help you make a good impression.

What Is the Objective of the Event?

When you plan, ask yourself, what is your organization trying to accomplish with the event? The answer to that question will always revolve around the attendees. If the attendees are employees of your organization, the goal is likely to inform, educate, and build morale. If the attendees are vendors or clients, you are likely looking to promote your brand, your product, or your service. Make a checklist of what your guests would want from a corporate event and then plan to meet those expectations.

Make A Guest List

Here is where it can get difficult. You may want to invite half of the world, but you need to narrow down your guest list to your target audience. Your target audience is guests who will directly benefit your cause or help you reach your end goal. Stay away from adding guests just because they are personal friends or because you feel you owe them one. Remember, every additional person you add to your guest list will impact your budget.

Communication is key. You want to keep key people involved when planning the event. At the same time, you don’t want to bombard them with text messages every single day.

By taking the time to organize your event, plan the budget, think about your guests, and create a customized guest list, you will throw a corporate event everyone will remember positively.

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