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Please Let Go Of These 5 Things For A Simpler Life

By | Courtney Carver |

If you want a simpler life, this will help. It’s not about having an empty home with bare walls, or having nothing to do, or even about having a simple life. We don’t remove clutter, reject busyness and reduce stress to have a simple life, we do it to have a life. All of the excess is getting in the way of us showing up for our lives.

Please Let Go Of These 5 Things For A Simpler Life

These items are in order from easiest to more difficult and the amount of freedom and joy you’ll feel on their release increases with each one. For more space in your home and joy in your life, please let go of these 5 things.

  1. The Duplicates. Let’s start with the easy stuff. Take 10-15 minutes and collect all of your duplicate items. I know from experience that they might include measuring cups, wire whisks, wooden spoons, can openers and other kitchen items. You may also have several colors of your favorite shirt even though you only wear the one in your favorite color. Let go of the extras and be happy with your favorites. That will be enough.
  2. Aspirational Items. This one is a little harder because you be letting go of some dreams and goals along with items. Let go of anything you own that you bought for a life you thought you wanted. This might include books on topics you aren’t interested in anymore or clothing for a job that you don’t want anymore or won’t be pursuing. There may be many items in between too. These items distract you from the life you have now and even if you want to make changes, you can’t buy your way into them with extra stuff.
  3. Doing more. If you stay up late in the name of “getting it all done” or constantly feel like you have to catch up, consider doing less.

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